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• Explanatory meeting for admission 2015 will take place on May 11.

• Public bulletin of our department is available here (in Japanese).

What's New


(Exhibition) Cooperatively with our faculty members, an ehibition will be held.
"Seaweeds, Wondrous Forests of the Sea" (June 8 - July 23) in the EXIL Gallary(Osaka).
A public seminar by Prof. Hiroshi Kawai is scheduled in the evening of July 5 (Tue). new


Asoc. Prof. Takuya Sato (Diviosion of Biodiversity) joined us as a new faculty member. new


Application for the mock lesson by our faculties is now open. For detail, see also here. new


(Admission) Explanetary meeting for admission to our graduate school was taken place. new


The Department of Biology web site has been renewed. new


The cover photo taken by Saori Tani (a JSPS PostDoc fellow in Inoue lab) has been published in Development (see also here). new


Assoc. Prof. Kumitsune Ishizaki (Division of Biolmolecular Organization division) and Asst. Prof. Takahiro Yamagishi (Division of Biodiversity) joined us as new faculty members. new


(Research Publication) Fukaki lab published an article in Plant & Cell Physiology (see also here). new


(Research Publication) Assoc. Prof. Keiko Kosuge and Prof. Tetsuro Mimura published article in Scientific Report (see also here). Beautiful and elegant moves of aquatic plant screw Vallisneria (Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis) is attached with this article.new


(Research Publication) Oishi Yasuhiro (Ph.D. student in Kuratani lab) is published in Nature (see also here). new