Hiroshi Kawai, Ph.D.

Professor, Division of Biodiversity, Ecology and speciation

Research Focus

  • Biodiversity study of marine macroalgae (seaweeds), especially on their taxonomy, molecular phylogeny, biogeography, physiology and life history

Recent Publications

  • Cock, J.M., Sterck, L., Rouzé, P., Scornet, D., Allen A.E., Amoutzias, G., Anthouard, V., Artiguenave, F., Aury, J.M., Badger, J.H., Beszteri, B., Billiau, K., Bonnet, E., Bothwell, J.H.F., Bowler, C., Boyen, C., Brownlee, C., Carrano, C.J., Charrier, B., Cho, G.Y., Coelho, S.M., Collén, J., Corre, E., Delage, L., Delaroque, N., Dittami, S.M., Doulbeau, S., Elias, M., Farnham, G., Gachon, C.M.M, Gschloessl, B., Heesch, S., Jabbari, K., Jubin, C., Kawai, H., Kimura, K., Kloareg, B., Küpper, F.C., Lang, D., Bail, A.L., Leblanc, C., Lerouge, P., Lohr, M., Lopez, P.J., Martens, C., Maumus, F., Michel, G., Miranda-Saavedra, D., Morales, J., Moreau, H., Motomura, T., Nagasato, C., Napoli, C.A., Nelson, D.R., Nyvall-Collén, P., Peters, A.F., Pommier, C., Potin, P., Poulain, J., Quesneville, H., Read, B., Rensing, S.A., Ritter, A., Rousvoal, S., Samanta, M., Samson, G., Schroeder, D.C., Ségurens, B., Strittmatter, M., Tonon, T., Tregear, J., Valentin, K., von Dassow, P., Yamagishi, T., Van de Peer, Y., Wincker, P. 2010.
    The Ectocarpus genome and the independent evolution of multicellularity in the brown algae.
    Nature 465: 617-621.
  • Ni-Ni-Win, Hanyuda, T., Arai, S., Uchimura, M. Pranthep, A., Draisma, S.G., Phang, S.M., Abbott, I., Millar, A.J.K., Kawai, H. 2011.
    A taxonomic study of the genus Padina (Dictyotales, Phaeophyceae) from the subtropical Western Pacific and Indo-West Pacific regions with descriptions of four new species.
    J. Phycol. 47: 1193-1209.
  • Kawai, H., Kogishi, K., Hanyuda, T., Kitayama, T. 2012.
    Taxonomic revision of the genus Cutleria proposing a new genus Mutimo to accommodate M. cylindrica (Cutleriaceae, Phaeophyceae).
    Phycol. Res. 60: 241–248.
  • Kawai, H., Hanyuda, T., Ridgway, L.M., Holser, K. 2013.
    Ancestral reproductive structure in basal kelp Aureophycus aleuticus.
    Sci. Rep. 3, 2491;
  • Kawai, H., Kitamura, A., Mimura, M., Mimura, T., Tahara, T., Aida, D., Sato, K., H.Sasaki. 2014.
    Radioactive cesium accumulation in seaweeds by the Fukushima 1 Nuclear Power Plant accident – two years' monitoring at Iwaki and its vicinity.
    J. Plant Res. 127: 23-42. doi:10.1007/s10265-013-0603-1.
  • Yamagishi, T., Müller, D.G., Kawai, H. 2014.
    Comparative transcriptome analysis of Discosporangium mesarthrocarpum (Phaeophyceae), Schizocladia ischiensis (Schizocladiophyceae) and Phaeothamnion confervicola(Phaeothamniophyceae), with special reference to cell wall-related genes.
    J. Phycol. 50: 543-551. DOI: 10.111/jpy.12190
  • Toyoshima, M., Yamagishi, T., Aikawa, S., Kondo, A., Kawai, H. 2014.
    A pilot-scale floating closed culture system for the multicellular cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis NIES-03.
    J. Appl. Phycol. DOI 10.1007/s10811-014-0484-2
  • Kawai, H., Hanyuda, T., Mumford, T., Waaland, J.R. 2015.
    An introduced population of Chorda asiatica (Chordaceae, Laminariales) in Puget Sound, Pacific coast of North America.
    Phycol. Res. 63: 154–158.
  • Kojima, R., Hanyuda, T., Kawai, H. 2015.
    Taxonomic re-examination of Japanese Halimeda species using genetic markers, and proposal of a new species Halimeda ryukyuensis (Bryopsidales, Chlorophyta).
    Phycol. Res. 63: 178–188.


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