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2018年7月23日(月)10:40 理学研究科Z302講義室

Multiplication of Active Edge Sites by Controlled Anisotropic Steam Etching of 2D MoS2

Prof. Mingdong Dong
Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO),
Aarhus University, Denmark

The two-dimensional (2D) dichalcogenide MoS2 has shown great promise as an active catalyst in high-efficiency hydrogen production, but the catalytic activity is limited by its under-coordinated edge sites. In this work, we describe our efforts to develop a new environmentally friendly method to create active edge sites on the inert basal planes of MoS2 by etching with steam vapor. The steam-etching mechanism is systematically investigated, and the enhanced catalytic activity of steam-etched MoS2 is also confirmed. This environmentally friendly method could be practically used in commercial catalytic field.