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神戸大学自然科学系先端融合研究環 創製分子光科学セミナー

2009年12月7日(月)10:40-11:40 理学研究科Y202講義室


Conduction AFM in Liquids
Dr. Sean O'Shea (Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore)

I will mainly discuss Conduction AFM (C-AFM) which allows simultaneous measurement of the surface forces and electrical conduction between AFM tip and sample. C-AFM has proven to be very useful in Molecular Electronics and I will present some of our work using Self Assembled Monolayers as model surfaces. The C-AFM technique allows the tip-sample contact area to be estimated, molecular resolution images to be taken, and the electrical properties of adsorbed molecules to be studied. We also find that C-AFM allows the observation of subtle changes of the mechanical contact which cannot be observed by simply monitoring the force. If time permits I will briefly describe our use of Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy (BEEM); again for single molecule characterisation for molecular electronics.