Kobe University aims to meet the demands of a knowledge-based society by establishing educational programs that transcend the boundaries of faculties, graduate schools, and universities, and by developing opportunities for multidisciplinary collaborative learning within and between universities, in addition to industry-government-academia collaboration, in order to foster diverse human resources equipped with multidisciplinary, co-creative and profound knowledge.

To achieve this goal, the Center for Development of Co-Creative Education was newly established within the Institute for Promotion of Higher Education in 2022. It consists of two sections: the Program Coordination Section and the Program Development Section. In addition, two primary assignment faculty members have been hired to support the development of new educational programs.

The Center will support the development and smooth operation of intra- and inter-university collaborative educational programs that aim to provide students with diverse learning opportunities and contribute to creating the human resource demanded by the community and society. It will also centralize information on educational programs operated by the University and provide strategic advice on how to strengthen education-related management.

In order to nurture human resources who are able to think, practice, and solve various problems in today's society, we will work to create a place for learning through multidisciplinary co-creative learning.

Director, Center for Development of Co-Creative Education

寺内 直子 / TERAUCHI Naoko