Creating a Resilient Society

A resilient city is expected to be invulnerable to disasters and, at the same time, livable in daily lives. To achieve resilience and livability in our communities, we need not only urban physical environment but design methods to integrate academic research and knowledge with human activities and social system. As a research base, the Center for Resilient Design (CResD) elaborates resilient design method to return knowledges and information stocked in Kobe University to society for realizing disaster risk reduction. The Center builds an international network in collaboration with domestic and overseas organizations for constructing a safe and secured world. It also participates in a study unit, Multidisciplinary Integration for Resilience and Innovation (MIRAI), a Kobe University’s enhancement project for the knowledge evolution of integrating humanities and science technology.

Research Themes of Center for Resilient Design Kobe University

As a design center at international level, CResD aims at conceiving resilient urban society. It maintains experimental, practical, open and integrated studies in multidisciplinary ways in order to return research results to our societies.

Disaster Resilient City
Livable City
Creative Design Theory
Value Creation Theory
Green Infrastructure
Disaster Resilience and Big Data Analytics
Local Safety and Security
Reconstruction in Residential Areas
Public Involvement Design
Disaster Resilient Design and Microethnography
Preservation of Local History and Culture
Feasibility Study on Disaster Resilient Design
Building Global Design Research Network
International Disaster Prevention Education
Awareness Campaign of Disaster Resilient Design
Multidisciplinary Studies on Disaster Resilient Design

Members of CResD Kobe University

TSUKIHASHI, Osamu / Professor, Dept. of Architecture
Vice Directors
KONDO,Tamiyo / Professor, Dept. of Architecture
TSURUTA, Hiroki / Associate Professor, Office of Academic and Industrial Innovation
AKUTAGAWA, Shinichi / Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering
KOIKE, Atsushi / Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering
SUEKANE, Shingo / Professor, Dept. of Architecture
SUZUKI, Hirotaka / Professor, Dept. of Architecture
NAKAE, Ken / Professor, Dept. of Architecture
KURIYAMA, Naoko / Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture
GION, Keiko / Associate Professor, Office of Academic and Industrial InnovationLink >
ASAI, Tamotsu / Assistant Professor, Dept. of Architecture
YAMAGUCHI, Hidefumi / Lecturer, Dept. of Architecture
GOTO, Sara / Research Associate, Dept. of Architecture
On-Campus Collaborators
TAKIGUCHI, Tetsuya / Professor, Research Center for Urban Safety and Security
KANEKO, Yuka / Professor, Center for Social Systems Innovation (KUSSI)
HIRAYAMA, Yosuke / Professor, Dept. of Human Environmental Science
NAGASAKA, Ichiro / Professor, Dept. of Humanities
FUJII, Nobutada / Associate Professor, Dept. of System Science
OHTSU, Nobuhito / Assistant Professor, Cooperative Division, Dept. of Architecture
ENDO, Shuhei / Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Architecture
HOKUGO, Akihiko / Emeritus Professor, Dept. of Architecture
Off-Campus Collaborators
FUKUOKA, Takanori / Associate Professor, Faculty of Regional Environment Science, Dept. of Landscape Architecture Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan)
MALY, Elizabeth / Associate Professor, International Research Institute of Disaster Science (IRIDeS), Tohoku University (Japan)
ARAKI, Yuko / Associate Professor, faculty of life and environmental sciences, Kyoto Prefectural University (Japan)
TOMOBUCHI, Takayuki / Assistant Professor, School of Project Design, Miyagi University (Japan)
ZHENG Ying / Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Tianjin University (China)
DOBELIS, Modris / Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Riga Technical University (Latvia)
SELIGMANN, Ari / Associate Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Monash University (Australia)
OCHSNER, Jeffrey Karl / Professor, Dept. of Architecture, Washington University (U.S.A.)
IKAPUTRA, Dimas / Professor, Dept. of Architecture and Planning Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia)
Abel Táiti Konno Pinheiro / Research Fellow, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution
Other Staff
OTA, Minako / Technical Staff, Technical Division, Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University



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