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Chemistry at Interfaces

We are proud of our international-compatible studies of interfaces and photocatalysts. Liquid-solid interfaces characterization with frequency-modulation AFM is one of the coming research issues. The other topic is photoinduced dynamics of water-splitting photocatalysts studied by time-resolved infrared and Raman spectroscopy. We are pleased to collaborate with researchers and students in applied chemistry, physics, geoscience, materials and mechanical engineering. The annual tuition of students willing to join our PhD course can be supported by the laboratory. Foreign students to promise much here in Kobe are welcome. See For International Students.

What's Hot

  • Hiroshi Onishi has been awarded by Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science. 5
  • Sodium Tantalate Photocatalysts Doped with Metal Cations: Why Are They Active for Water Splitting? Hiroshi Onishi, ChemSusChem 12 (2019) 1825-1834. link
  • Takuya Toyonaga and Takumu Kosaka joined our team. Welcome! 4
  • Takamasa Sato, Yuya Teduka, Noi Tamura, and Takumu Kosaka have graduated. Congratulations! 3
  • The Atomic-Scale Structure of LaCrO3-NaTaO3 Solid Solution Photocatalysts with Enhanced Electron Population. Hanggara Sudrajat, Yizhong Zhou, Takuro Sasaki, Nobuyuki Ichikuni, Hiroshi Onishi, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 21 (2019) 5148-5157. link
  • Preparation of Visible-Light Responsible Rutile-TiO2(110) Wafer with Well-Defined Surface by Chromium and Antimony Codoping. Mitsunori Kitta, Hiroshi Onishi, e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 17 (2019) 5-9. link2
  • Hiroshi Onishi serves Surface Science Report as one of the  editors.1
  • Oscillating AFM force curves, journal papers database

    Perovskite-structured tantalate photocatalysts, journal papers database

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