Hidehiro Fukaki, Ph.D.

Professor, Division of Biomolecular Organization, Cell Function

Research Interests

Lateral root (LR) formation is one of the post-embryonic developmental processes in vascular plants, which contributes to the establishment of the root system for efficient water and nutrient uptake from the soil, to support shoot development above the ground. To understand the mechanisms of LR formation in vascular plants, we are studying a variety of mutants affecting LR formationin Arabidopsis thaliana. Our recent studies have revealed that the auxin response mediated by SOLITARY-ROOT (SLR)/IAA14-AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR7 (ARF7)/ARF19 module regulates LR initiation via activation of LBD16/ASL18 and related LBD/ASL genes. This study will elucidate the molecular cascades of auxin-mediated LR initiation and LR primordium development in vascular plants.
     In addition, we are studying the root radial patterning using A. thaliana and Cardamine speicies. This study will unravel the evolutionary mechanism for organ radial patterning in vascular plants.

Research Focus

- Root growth and development in vascular plants
- Auxin signaling in vascular plants

Recent Publications

  • Okumura, K.-i., Goh, T., Toyokura, K., Kasahara, H., Takebayashi, Y., Mimura, T., Kamiya, Y. and Fukaki, H. (2013)
    GNOM/FEWER ROOTS is required for the establishment of an auxin response maximum for Arabidopsis lateral root initiation.
    Plant Cell Physiol., 54, 406-417
  • Goh, T., Kasahara H., Mimura, T., Kamiya Y. and Fukaki, H. (2012)
    Multiple Aux/IAA-ARF modules regulate lateral root formation: the role of Arabidopsis SHY2/IAA3-mediated auxin signaling.
    Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B Biol. Sci. 367, 1461-1468.
  • Goh, T., Joi, S., Mimura, T. and Fukaki, H. (2012)
    The establishment of asymmetry in Arabidopsis lateral root founder cells is regulated by LBD16/ASL18 and related LBD/ASL proteins.
    Development, 139, 883-893.
  • Ikeyama, Y., Tasaka, M. and Fukaki, H. (2010)
    RLF, a cytochrome b5 heme/steroid binding protein, controls for lateral root formation independently of ARF7/19-mediated auxin signaling in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Plant J., 62, 865-875.
  • Fukaki, H. and Tasaka M. (2009)
    Hormone interactions during lateral root formation.
    Plant Mol. Biol., 69, 437-449.
  • Uehara, T., Okushima, Y., Mimura, T., Tasaka, M. and Fukaki, H. (2008)
    Domain II mutations in CRANE/IAA18 suppress lateral root formation and affect shoot development in Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Plant Cell Physiol., 49, 1025-1038 [Cover]
  • Okushima, Y., Fukaki, H., Onoda, M., Theologis, A. and Tasaka, M. (2007)
    ARF7 and ARF19 regulate lateral root formation via direct activation of LBD/ASL genes in Arabidopsis.
    Plant Cell, 19, 118-130.
  • Fukaki, H., Taniguchi, N. and Tasaka, M. (2006)
    PICKLE is required for SOLITARY-ROOT/IAA14-mediated repression of ARF7 and ARF19 activity during Arabidopsis lateral root initiation.
    Plant J., 48, 380-389.


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