Third CSPSAT & ASP Seminar
hosted jointly by CSPSAT and NII Joint Research Projects

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General Information

Date : November 21th(Mon) - 22th(Tue), 2011
Place : Room #421 on the 4th floor of Science and Technology Research Building 3, Rokkodai Campus, Kobe University [Campus Map: Building #23]
Address : 1-1 Rokkodai, Nada, Kobe 657-8501, Japan

Tentative Programme

November 21th (Mon)

14:00 -- 14:10 opening
14:10 -- 15:25 invited talk
Answer Set Programming, the Solving Paradigm of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning: Overview and recent developments [abstract] [PDF]
Torsten Schaub
15:25 -- 15:45 coffee break
15:45 -- 16:45 session (1)
GlueMiniSat 2.2.5: A Fast SAT Solver with An Aggressive Acquiring Strategy of Glue Clauses [PDF]
Hidetomo Nabeshima, Koji Iwanuma, and Katsumi Inoue
A Simple Implementation of a Partial MaxSAT Solver with MiniSat [PDF] [PPTX]
Miyuki Koshimura
16:45 -- 17:00 coffee break
17:00 -- 18:30 session (2)
Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems by a SAT Solver [PDF]
Naoyuki Tamura
DNF Hypotheses in Bottom-directed ILP [PDF]
Katsumi Inoue
Query-driven Coordination of Multiple Answer Sets [PDF]
Gauvain Bourgne and Katsumi Inoue
19:30 -- Party

November 22th (Tue)

10:00 -- 11:00 session (3)
A compact and efficient SAT encoding of finite CSP based on a numeral system of integers [PDF]
Tomoya Tanjo, Naoyuki Tamura, and Mutsunori Banbara
Dynamic SAT with Decision Change Costs: Formalization and Solutions [PDF] [PPTX]
Daisuke Hatano and Katsutoshi Hirayama
11:00 -- 11:20 coffee break
11:20 -- 12:00 open discussion
12:00 closing

Participants (alphabetical order)

Xuanye An Kyushu University *
Mutsunori Banbara Kobe University *
Gauvain Bourgne National Institute of Informatics *
Taisuke Funakoshi Kobe University
Daisuke Hatano Kobe University *
Katsutoshi Hirayama Kobe University *
Kengo Honjo Kobe University
Katsumi Inoue National Institute of Informatics *
Miyuki Koshimura Kyushu University *
Haruki Matsunaka Kobe University
Hedetomo Nabeshima University of Yamanashi *
Haruki Noritake Kobe University
Torsten Schaub University of Potsdam *
Takehiro Shibutani Kobe University
Takehide Soh Transdisciplinary Research Integration Center *
Pavel Surynek Charles University in Prague *
Naoyuki Tamura Kobe University *
Tomoya Tanjo Kobe University *

Note that the symbol * means he attends the party.


Time : November 21th (Mon) 19:30 --
PlaceSAKAZUKI: Fish Restaurant (魚居酒屋 さかづき)
4-18, 3-chome, Nagate-cho, Nada, Kobe, Hyogo 657-0027
(〒657-0027 神戸市灘区永手町3丁目4-18)
Tel:(078) 842-5030
Fee:???yen (for faculty),???yen (for student)