Super Global High School Program

Outline of Super Global High School Program

 Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology in Japan (MEXT) has started a new program “Super Global High School” in 2014. The Super Global High School Program aims to foster globalized leaders who will be able to play active roles on the international stage through education at high schools that contribute to this mission. Students will achieve goals such as self-awareness and a deep knowledge of social issues, communication ability and problem-solving skills.

Our school was certified as Super Global High School from 2015.
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KUSS-SGH Overview
Proposal for Global Safety Assurance “Global Career Person-Kobe Model”
1. Objectives and Goals
Our school’s educational goal is to cultivate the students capacity as a “Global leader” whom has a “strong power to locate him/herself in the world and can understand difference in culture and actions, and to take actions and make international relations in an cooperative manner”.
To solve the Global Issues of today, it is neccesary to establish “Global Safety Assurance” and make it a reality. We have 3 core initiatives as stated below to cultivate the students power of “Global Carrer” and send out the “Global Safety Assurance” from the student’s point of view.
 ① A research based project would be the core of the educational system to mold  the students into a Global Career Person.
 ② A domestic and international “Global Action Studies Program”.
 ③ Collaboration with the University for their support in helping students achieve their project outcomes.
Our goal is to “cultivate human resources which can discover and research global issues and that can show a better way to solve the issue”. We call this “The Global Career People-Kobe Model”.

2. Analysis of the current situation and Hypothesis of Research and Development
Our school has been assigned as a “UNESCO School” and an “SGH Associated School (2014)” so we have been working hard on Global Education with the close cooperation of Kobe University. From the students questionnaire, we learned that there was a problem in front of us that the studies of Global Education was “difficult to understand the effort”, and we need “more higher level of instructing, and we need to “produce a setting for the students in order to meet their way of presentation”, and “to divisible some projects”.
So we made outlined three actions below, in order to improve the student’s understanding and ability to be “The Global Career People-Kobe Model”, and we believe that this will solve the problem.
 ① “Global Safety Assurance”as the keyword, Project StudiesⅠ(4th grade)-Ⅱ(5th grade )‐Ⅲ(6th grade) classes will be held in order to cultivate the students ability to find and resolve the global issues and develop international communication skills.
 ② Rebuild the curriculum to improve the students ability to become the Global Career People who possess the disposition of “understanding cultural differences” and well-rounded education.
 ③ Various programs will be held for the students in cooperation with Kobe University and other International Specialized Institutions.
3. Diverse Achievements
We will launch the SGH website, and will have a presentation and exhibits to show what we have been doing during our school culture festival. In addition, in cooperation with Kobe University, we will be able to display our efforts by posting the information on their website, joining international exchanges and cultural events, and our exhibits in their open academy.

Research Project
1. Details of the Research Project
 ○ Theme: “Calling for Global Safety Assurance from Kobe to the World”
 ○4 Research Areas: Learning risk management from Earthquake Disaster and Reconstruction/ “Kobe” the international city and world culture/ Recommendation: Change International Conflict to Peace and Partnership/ Global Science and Regional Core City ”Kobe”.
2. Implemental Method
 ① “Research projects”: In “Project StudiesⅠ”lessons, students will work in groups and cultivate their basic research skills. In “Project StudiesⅡ・Ⅲ”lessons, students will research their theme individually, and prepare their theses including English Summary, and will present their research. Additionally, “The Project Studies Action Program” are parallel lessons running through out their 3 years of study. This will help the students to understand Global Safety Assurance deeply.
 ② “Project Studies Action Program”: Improve more of the students research, and with communicate with students domestically and abroad and lead them to have workshops and forums to introduce and share their studies.
 ③ Other subjects to support the Project Studies: In order to perform their Project Studies at a higher level, our school setup a new classes of “Global Understanding” and “ESD” in our school curriculum.
3. Special Exceptions needed for the curriculum
 ① “Global Understandings”: This curriculum is intended to make the Project Studies comprehensive, so we adjusted the credit of “Modern Society” from 2 to 1.
 ② “ESD”: in order to make the students understanding more smoothly, we combined “Studies of Sustainable Development ” in all subjects, and configured the lessons to “ESD”.

Other Research Developments
1. Restructure the School Curriculum:
To move beyond the bounds of the subjects, and to reset the goals of each subject and redesign classes that cultivate students ability to become “Global Career People” through interdisciplinary studies and cooperative research..
2. English Study Restructure:
Lessons will be more advanced, will increase the chances for involvement with foreigners, and students will have many opportunities to make their findings and opinions known in a global setting by developing and giving presentations in English.
3. The educational environment to develop the “Global Career Person”
 ○Rebuild Extracurricular Activities
Review the extracurricular activities such as field trips and domestic and international exchanges, in order to make the activities work more effectively and to develop the student’s “Global Career Power”.
 ① “KMGC Global Career Study Tour”- Considering the students current situation, provide trips to discover Japan’s historical and traditional culture thus developing a “Global and Local” mindset as global citizens.
 ② “KMGC Cross-cultural Exchange Project”: Returnee and Foreign Students are accepted to enter our school, and this will help to provide the other students with a first-hand experience of cross-cultural exchange on a daily basis. Also the exchange program with Oxford University and Cambridge University students will provide a chance to learn about global tasks.
 ③ “KMGC Global Seminar”: To meet the requirements to be a Global Career People, students will take a course from the seminar (in 3 figures: basics/ leader/ relay lessons).
 ④ “KMGC Cross-Cultural Workshop”: To think globally and to act globally, students will meet with Kobe University Foreign Students and JICA trainee and have a workshop using only English.
 ⑤“KMGC Autonomous Organization”: In order to develop the students self-motivation and ambitions, we will create a new committee called ”The Global Career Committee” under the Student Council to cultivate the top leaders of the next generation.
 ⑥ “Career Counseling”: We will support the student’s dreams to study abroad or enter Overseas Universities.

 ○ Collaboration Studies with Kobe University: Collaborative research will be done with the initiative of Kobe University. The deeper research and understanding will contribute to regional education program.


Super Global High School Program