Principal's Message

Kobe University Secondary School was established upon the same principles as Akashi Junior High School and Sumiyoshi Junior High School in the process of reorganizing the family of schools affiliated with Kobe University. This year celebrates the fourth year since our establishment and thus the inauguration of the “Upper Course/ Upper Division” of the Secondary School. As “pioneers”, our “inaugural class” has had a great start in entering their fourth year, and has shown leadership at every opportunity.

Our school, as an affiliate of Kobe University, has promoted education which encourages the student to become a “Global Career Person” in keeping with the educational principles of Kobe University (11 faculties and 14 graduate schools). As a school which places importance on both education and research, we promote various cooperative projects with Kobe University, with the aim of fostering international-minded and well-educated participants in the global society of the 21st century.