Educational Policy

  1. Education of the Whole Person: To foster independent-minded students who have a fundamental sense for global citizenship.
    Education includes special activities such as school events, ethics education, extracurricular activities, as well as integrated study and social studies.
  2. Education to Promote Originality: To foster individuals who have the ability to creatively set and fulfill new goals.
    We offer education mainly in the areas of the Kobe Project (integrated study) representing graduation research work, but also in other areas such as inquiry into other subjects, special activities, ethics education and extracurricular activities.
  3. Education to Promote International Awareness: To foster students who have understanding of other cultures and excellent communication skills.
    We offer practical education in English and computer research skills as well as other subjects related to internationality. We also accept students returning from abroad and offer various international exchange programs.
  4. Education to Promote Fundamental Knowledge: To foster students who have fundamentals through well-balanced education between the humanities and sciences
    In the first course of the secondary school to acquire a sound knowledge of the basics, providing a solid foundation for future learning. In the latter course, we encourage students to study various subjects balancing a solid knowledge of both the humanities and sciences.

Educational Principle

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