Franco-Japanese Seminar on Beyond SAT


Title Franco-Japanese Seminar on Beyond SAT
  (co-hosted by NII Collaborative Research Project and CSPSAT Project)
Date January 22 2016
Venue Room #421 on the 4th floor of Science and Technology Research Building 3,
  Rokkodai Campus, Kobe University [Campus Map: Building #23]
Address 1-1 Rokkodai, Nada, Kobe 657-8501, Japan


January 22  
10:30-11:30 (Invited Talk)
  Enumerating Minimal Unsatisfiable Subsets for Different Reasoning Tasks using Inconsistency Values: the PRISM Platform
  Sébastien Konieczny
11:30-12:30 (Invited Talk)
  Prime Implicates Generation in Equational Logic
  Sophie Tourret
14:00-14:30 A Hybrid Encoding of CSP to SAT Integrating Order and Log Encodings
  Takehide Soh, Banbara Mutsunori, Naoyuki Tamura*
14:45-15:15 Identifying Influential Agents in DisCSP
  Hayato Uraji, Tenda Okimoto* and Katsutoshi Hirayama
15:30-16:00 On Opinion Control in Belief Revision Games
  Nicolas Schwind
17:30-21:30 (discussion)
  Technical Discussion on beyond SAT


  • CRIL-CNRS/Université d’Artois
    • Sébastien Konieczny
  • Joseph Fourier University
    • Sophie Tourret
  • National Institute of Informatics
    • Katsumi Inoue, Nicolas Schwind
  • The University of Electro-Communications
    • Takahisa Toda
  • Kobe University
    • Naoyuki Tamura, Tenda Okimoto, Takehide Soh, Hiromasa Kaneyuki, Masahiro Kawahara, Tatsuya Sako, Tomoya Sunda, Yushi Minami

Author: Takehide Soh

Created: 2016-01-19 火 18:57

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