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About Program

Obtainable Degrees and Career Paths

 Master’s degrees (International Studies, Economics, Politics, and Law) are awarded to Kobe University students upon completion of the program. There are double-degree program agreements among the three universities; it is possible to earn degrees from both universities during the course of this study. A Master’s degree (International Studies, Korean Studies) can be earned from Korea University, and a Master's degree (Public Management, International Politics) can be earned from Fudan University.


※Please refer to the link on the right for details on double-degree programs in the Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies.

 Expertise gained through this program is in high demand by international organizations and NGO/NPO through internships, as well as risk-related departments such as international divisions in central or regional administrative bodies in countries around the world. Furthermore, insight into risk-related international management is in growing demand by private enterprises and news media with presence in East Asia. Possible career opportunities include employment by these organizations, pursuing Ph.D. degrees, and teaching at educational institutions in Japan, China, or Korea.