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About Program

“CAMPUS Asia” Program

 The “CAMPUS Asia” Program began as the “East Asian Regional University Exchange,” proposed by Japanese representatives in the 2nd China–Japan–South Korea trilateral summit held on October 10, 2009. This led to the conception of CAMPUS Asia (Collective Action for Mobility Program of University Students in Asia), and came to be realized as the “CAMPUS Asia Center Support Program,” part of MEXT’s 2011 “Re-Inventing Japan Project.”

The “Program for Careers on Risk Management Experts in East Asia” was jointly submitted by Kobe University Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (GSICS), Fudan University School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA, China), and Korea University Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS, South Korea). It was selected as “Type A-1” (China–Japan–South Korea Trilateral Program).”

 The program is officially commenced in 2012, when student exchange among the three universities in Japan, China, and South Korea began.

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