2. Kobe–Korea Program
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Kobe–Korea Program

Academic Calendar

Curriculum in Korea University GSIS

Section Course Credit Semester
CORE Compulsory courses International Business 3 Fall
International Economics 3 Fall
World Politics 3 Fall
Colloquium on Int'l Relations 2 Fall
Research Method 3 Spring
Thesis Research I (1st semester) 3  
Thesis Research II (2nd semester) 3  
Total 20  
Major Elective : including CAMPUS ASIA courses (Risk Analysis/Management) International Commerce (ICC) 15  
International Peace & Security (IPS)
International Development & Cooperation(IDC)
Regional Studies(IAS)
Area studies Area Track(IAS) 6  
General Elective 9 credits in any major at GSIS including Internship (2creidts *2) 9  
Total 50  

CAMPUS Asia Course

 In addition to the elective courses being offered, the Korea University Graduate School of International Studies plans to offer the following “CAMPUS Asia Courses”:

  • Planning for Uncertainty and Risk (Spring)
  • Water & Risk Management (Spring)
  • Risk Management on Korean Peninsula (Spring)

 Internship courses also will be offered.