2. Kobe–Korea Program
  3. Korea University GSIS

Kobe–Korea Program

Korea University GSIS
(Graduate School of International Studies)


 Korea University originated from “Bosung College,” established in 1905. A leading private university in Korea, it was founded in 1946 and boasts two campuses encompassing 22 departments and 20 graduate programs. Recently, the University held a “Global KU” program to collaborate with 744 universities and organizations in 78 countries, sending many of its students abroad and accepting many international students.

 The Graduate School of International Studies, a part of the program’s consortium, was established in 1991. All lectures as part of this program will be taught in English.

 Two academic subjects, International Studies and Korean Studies, are available for the Master’s degree. The following four programs are offered for International Studies.

  • International Commerce Track
  • International Development & Cooperation Track
  • International Peace & Security Track
  • Regional Studies Track