2. Kobe–Fudan Program
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Kobe–Fudan Program

Academic Calendar

Curriculum in Fudan University SIRPA

Course module Courses Credits Semester
Basic courses
Public Management Theories 3 Fa11
Public Economics 3 Fa11
China issues and governance
Chinese Politics 3 Fa11
Chinese Public Administration 3 Spring
Specialty courses
(8credits required)
Emergency Management in China 2 Fa11
China's Environmental Policy and Sustainable Development 2 Spring
E-government and China 2 Fa11
Public Innovation, Technology Integration and New Public Operation 2 Spring
Seminars on Chinese Public Management 2 Spring
Elective courses
(10 credits required)
Grassroots Democracy and Socia1Movement in China 2 Fa11
Chinese Modem History 2 Fa11
Political Economy of East Asia 2 Fa11
International Relations in East Asia 2 Fa11
China-EU Relations 2 Fa11
Research Methods of Political Science 3 Fa11
China's Foreign Economic Policies 2 Spring
Chinese Language * Fall and Spring
  • Up to 4 Chinese language credits can be counted into the graduation requirements.