2. Kobe–Fudan Program
  3. Fudan University SIRPA

Kobe–Fudan Program

Fudan University SIRPA
(School of International Relations and Public Affairs)


 Fudan University is a prestigious public university originally founded as “Fudan College” in 1905. It is an influential university that was selected as one of the 16 National Key Universities in 1959. In 2000, Fudan University merged with Shanghai Medical University to become a leading research-oriented comprehensive university. This remains its role even today. The current student body is approximately 44,000, of which 11,000 are full-time graduate students.

 The School of International Relations and Public Affairs, a part of the program’s consortium, was established in 2000 following the establishment of political science education at the University in 1923. Students enroll in Bachelor (Undergraduate, 150), M.A. (Masters, 70), PhD (30) and MPA (Master of Public Administration, 200) programs.

 Students participating in the CAMPUS Asia Program will be part of an English-taught program called English-Taught Master Program in Chinese Government and Governance. All lectures under this program will be taught in English. Students will also be able to attend lectures at other selected graduate schools.