Tetsuro Mimura, Ph.D.

Professor, Division of Biomolecular Organization, Cell Function

Miwa Ohnishi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Division of Biomolecular Organization, Cell Function

Research Interests

     Plants are irreplaceable livings as an important member of global environment. My Research Interests are how the plant life is organized at cellular and molecular levels and what is the same and what is different between the mechanisms of plant life and our human being.
     In addition to the photosynthesis, plants needs various inorganic ions required for growth. These ions are taken up into cells, distributed and metabolized in a whole plant. Some harmful ions also invade into the plant body. At the laboratory, focusing on the ion and small molecular weight substances, we are investigating about their transport, metabolism and roles in plant functions.

Research Focus

1. Mechanisms of transport, distribution and metabolism of an essential nutrient, phosphorus in plants.
2. Mechanisms of removal of harmful substances.
3. Mechanisms and structures of vascular bundles for ion transport and distribution.
4. Mechanisms of plant movements.
5. Dynamics of vacuolar functions in plant cells

Recent Publication

(Origina papers)

  • Nagai M., Ohnishi M., Uehara T., Yamagami M., Miura E., Kamakura M., Kitamura A., Sakaguchi S., Sakamoto W., Shimmen T., Fukaki H., Reid R.J., Furukawa A., Mimura T. (2013)
    Ion gradients in xylem exudate and guttation fluid related to tissue ion levels along primary leaves of barley.
    Plant Cell & Environment, in press.
  • Kadohama N., Goh T., Ohnishi M., Fukaki H., Mimura T., Suzuki Y. (2013)
    Sudden collapse of vacuoles in Saintpaulia sp. palisade cells induced by a rapid temperature decrease.
    PLoS One 8, e57259.
  • Kosuge K., Iida S., Katou K., Mimura T. (2013)
    Circumnutation on the water surface: female flowers of Vallisneria.
    Sci. Rep. 3: 1133
  • Oikawa A., Matsuda F., Kikuyama M., Mimura T., Saito K (2011)
    Metabolomics of a single vacuole reveals metabolic dynamism in an alga Chara australis.
    Plant Physiology 157(2): 544-551

(Review and Textbook)

  • Mano S., Kimori Y., Takeda T., Miwa T., Nishikawa S., Mimura T., Nagatani A., Nishimura M (2012)
    Using Image-based Resources: Databases for Plant Organelle Dynamics and Applications Based on Image Information.
    In: Introduction to Sequence and Genome Analysis, iConcept Press.
  • Mimura T., Ohnishi M., Shimaoka T., Tomizawa K. (2008)
    Proteome analysis of vacuolar membrane.
    In: Plant Genetic Engineering vol 9: Plant membrane and vacuolar transporters, Ed. by Jaiwal P.K., pp. 301-343, CABInternatonal.


Office: Bldg C, Room 516 (Lab: Room 513 & 520)

Tel&Fax: +81-78-803-5708

E-mail: mimura@kobe-u.ac.jp (T. Mimura), omiwa@port.kobe-u.ac.jp (M. Ohnishi)

URL: http://www.research.kobe-u.ac.jp/fsci-mimura