Shigeru Kuratani, Ph.D.

Division of Developmental Biology (Cooperative Division), Professor

Reseach Focus

Evolutionary diversity of developmental programs in insects and vertebrates

Recent Publication

  • Wang, Z.*, Pascual-Anaya, J.*, et al. (2013).
    Development and evolution of turtle-specific body plan assessed by genome-wide analyses.
    Nat. Genet. 45, in press
  • Oisi, Y., Ota, K. G., Fujimoto, S. and Kuratani, S. (2013).
    Craniofacial development of hagfishes and the evolution of vertebrates.
    Nature 493, 175-180.
  • Irie, N., and Kuratani, S. (2011).
    Comparative transcriptome analysis detects vertebrate phylotypic stage during organogenesis.
    Nat. Commun. 2, 248.
  • Nagashima, H., Sugahara, F., Takechi, M., Ericsson, R., Kawashima-Ohya, Y., Narita, Y., and Kuratani, S. (2009).
    Evolution of the turtle body plan by the folding and creation of new muscle connections.
    Science325, 193-196.
  • Ota, K. G., Kuraku, S., and Kuratani, S. (2007).
    Hagfish embryology with reference to the evolution of the neural crest.
    Nature 446, 672-675.


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